This is not just any project. This is not just any house.  This is a house of healing.  My beloved and infinitely inspiring brother, Yeshaia Blakeney owns and runs this treatment center, The Integrity House.  When my brother approached me about decorating this 7000 square foot Mediteranean home in Brentwood, I was thrilled. When he told me we had 2 weeks to complete this mission I was, well, admittedly a little bit freaked out.  With the indispensable help of Emily, my brothers’ wife and powerhouse, we scoured LA to find a harmonious blend of vintage & contemporary furnishings and art, that would bring this house to life.  But, before this creative process, before the decor and the art, I brought the sage and we all sat down on the living room floor, my mother lead the ceremony and we blessed the house.  This house is a house of healing, may all who pass through find peace, love, inspiration and fulfillment. Amen!

Photographed by Justina Blakeney