Before dressing homes, Faith dressed humans. "My first passion was fashion. Not the brand names, not the runway shows, not the industry, not the glamour - but the ART OF DRESSING. Dressing is a form of self expression." Fashion -what you wear- can CALL YOU INTO BEING- or it can be a betrayal of self. Have you ever put a particular outfit on that suddenly had you feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD? How would it feel to love every item in your wardrobe? THERE IS POWER IN DRESSING. There is power in feeling that what you wear is in direct correlation with who you want to be & what you want to express to the world - or not. We harness that power and turn your wardrobe, your style, into a TRUE EXPRESSION OF YOUR HIGHEST SELF.



  • Wardrobe Edit (review & edit existing wardrobe)
  • Wardrobe Inventory (create list of necessary purchases)
  • Personal Shopping (in-store and online)
  • Wardrobe Styling (how to wear what you've got)


High fashion companies, photo shoots, celebrities, look books…and above all of this -Faith loves to dress REAL PEOPLE for REAL LIFE.
The movers & shakers- the visionaries & makers. 
Casual, Euro-chic, with a Bohemian flair.