Faith was raised in the hills above the colorful streets of Berkeley, California by 2 wonderful, unknowingly stylish, revolutionary (in so many senses of the word) parents. As a child, she spent countless hours in her room decorating & redecorating, dressing up & dressing down (and dancing in the mirror, but we won’t get into that).  While studying architecture at UC Berkeley she spent her free time doing costumes for theater & immersing herself in all things old & beautiful at the local auction house (where her father used to take her as a child, she did an internship & after graduating they brought on full time).

Faith’s love for the arts & for the art of living brought her to Italy, where she spent most of her 20’s.  Inspired by the fashion scene, she studied fashion at Polimoda, the sister school of FIT, in Florence Italy.  She & her sister Justina opened the first vintage & recycled clothing store in Florence, Italy in 2001 called ‘COMPAI’.  This was much more than a boutique, it was an art collective, a band of dreamers and a place to find and exchange ideas and creations. The sisters had their own collection which sold at stores internationally, from Fred Segal to Luisa via Roma.  Together they wrote & published what became an internationally best selling DIY fashion book series.

In the Fall of 2007 Faith moved with her then 1 year old daughter, Noa, to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where the next 3 books in the series were written -  then Cali, her home, called her back.  Since 2010 Faith & Noa have been living & loving in a small place called the Treehouse in a big city called Los Angeles.  

After 15 years working in the fashion industry in Italy & New York, Faith opened her own design studio. Inspired by the architectural diversity, the freedom, the fantastic shops and vintage markets in LA, Faith began by transforming houses into homes across town.  She has since been solicited to do wardrobe consultation, & design everything from stores, fashion showrooms, offices, co-working spaces, rehabs… in both LA, NY, and beyond.