"I LOVE our Casa Prieto. I mean everyday I wake up happy. I walk around, always excited about looking at the furniture or design.  
I keep the house super clean in honor of all the work we’ve done.  It really has made huge difference in our lives to not
only live in a place we love but LOVE the world we’ve created in our home. It’s magical."  
-Vicki Prieto


“Ahead of trends yet her aesthetic is timeless.
She raises the bar in design to a level we could never achieve on our own.”
- Amanda C


“I highly recommend Faith for her design eye, resourcefulness, and fun-to-be-with-ness." -Baratunde T.



“Before I worked with Faith, I had residence, but I was homeless. Homeless in the sense that my house was not yet a home. Faith helped in so many ways to turn my first solo living apartment in a space that was really an extension of me.”
- Baradunde T.