The Studio

This studio is an incubator for a new approach to the field of Design. The approach disregards convention in favor of innovation, collaboration, play, out-of-the-box thinking and social conscience.

Faith and her team are committed to transforming lives, families and communities through design. We believe that the environment that surrounds us, the backdrop for our lives, has a profound impact on our quality of life. In that same way, what we wear- how we dress- can call us into being as a true self expression and transform our experience of ourselves. 

We create spaces & wardrobes that are not only beautiful and functional, but ones that inspire a sense of wellbeing- and we have fun doing it! It's a tall order and we're up for the challenge ;-)

Through tapping into the clients' needs, desires and aesthetic inclinations, and using our interdisciplinary expertise, passion for beauty & this planet, founder, Faith Blakeney, brings spirit & style to life.  She is a Lifestylist.